Tips for Restoring Older Hardwood Floors

If you’ve chosen to invest in an older home, you likely appreciate the beauty of classical architecture and the joy it can provide. There is also often a lot of work for people who own older homes to keep them looking beautiful. If you are interested in finding ways to restore your older home to its former glory, consider starting with the hardwood flooring. Here are some tips before you take on your flooring project.

Remove Carpets

One of the most beautiful features of an older home is hardwood flooring. If you have carpets in an older home, chances are they are covering beautiful hardwood flooring beneath them. Take some time to rip out any carpets that may be covering your floors. Hire professionals that are skilled at carpet removal so you don’t damage your floors or surrounding floorboards. 

Consider Stain Color

Once you’ve removed your carpets, your next consideration is what color to stain your floors. You have a lot of options for stain colors, so choose something that you will enjoy looking at every day. You may also want to consider the rest of the room when choosing your stain color so they match. While you’re considering stain color, it’s also a good idea to invest in some good quality poly as well so you can seal in the stain to keep your floors in good condition for many years.

Remove Obstacles

If you have anything in the room, such as furniture or other decorative items, it’s best to remove them before you begin the process of having your hardwood flooring redone. Sanding and staining tend to create a mess, and you don’t want to worry about sawdust or stain getting all over your furniture. When you hire professionals to do the work for you, it can make their job a lot easier as well when they are not trying to maneuver around obstacles in your home.

With these tips in mind, you’ll have beautiful restored hardwood floors in no time.