Secrets to an Amazing Hardwood Floor

Few things in life are better than new hardwood flooring. The appearance of rich hardwood makes rooms feel warm and inviting. Bright hardwood can put a smile on your face in the morning and help you relax when you get home after a long day at work. It makes sense to want to enjoy your new floor for a lifetime. How can you take good care of it?

Choose the Right Type of Hardwood Flooring

The road to a gorgeous hardwood floor starts with a catalog. It’s important to select the right type of wood and finish. A professional flooring supply company can help you make a smart choice.

Some hardwood floors come prefinished from the factory, meaning each board is already protected. Other options are completely bare, and the installation contractor applies any stain or finish after the floor is in place.

Both types of hardwood look beautiful; it’s just a matter of whether you want a seamless look on the floor or prefer a low-odor option. Factory-applied finishes are already cured and ready to go after installation, but you have a wider range of color options with in-house staining.

Have a Professional Take Care of Installation

Never try to install hardwood flooring or any other type of flooring yourself. Making mistakes can leave you with a floor that looks wavy or that has gaps. This can cause moisture problems, and it’s also a major letdown after spending money on high-quality hardwood.

Another common mistake is hiring a “handyman” to install wood floors for cheap. This is bad because installation requires proper preparation ahead of time. Experts know how to install the subfloor correctly and make sure hardwood is completely level.

Aficionados frequently make mistakes with hardwood placement, leading to those irritating creaking sounds afterward. Wood expands after installation, which is something professionals understand how to deal with correctly.