How To Make Your Hardwood Floors Look New Again


When hardwood floors age, it adds character to a home. But, if the floors are heavily scratched and uneven, it may be time to refinish and make them look their best. A contractor who specializes in flooring can be your best option when it comes to this type of home makeover.

Why Does Hardwood Need to Be Refinished?

Over time, changes in the weather can cause wood to expand and contract. This leads to uneven flooring, which can cause people to trip and fall. Deep scratches in wood can weaken your flooring and promote splinters. Fading of a wood stain can also leave your floor looking old and dirty, but when you refinish hardwood floors they can look new again.

What is the Refinishing Process?

Refinishing a hardwood floor is a time-consuming, detail-oriented project. Hiring a contractor can be the best decision you make when you want your floors to turn out beautifully. Any object that can be removed from the room will be removed and protruding nails will be hammered back in. A drum sander will be the first part of the project. Coarse sandpaper will be attached and the deepest scratches and stains will be erased. More layers of sanding with finer sandpaper will be done until the floor is evenly blended. All dust will be vacuumed up and removed with tack clothes to prepare for finishing.

When is a Hardwood Floor Finished?

Once the dust and dirt are cleared from the room, a stain will be applied. You can choose the color of your stain to match your current decor and add warmth to your space. After the stain dries, a polyurethane coating will be used as the final protective coating.

Finding hardwood flooring beneath an old carpet can be a homeowner’s dream come true and with the proper refinishing the floors can be brought to their original magnificence.