Choose Maple Wood Floors for Durability and Beauty

Hardwood flooring is a great option for homeowners who want to add sophistication or character to their spaces. Maple is a hardwood that is commonly used in many different décor schemes due to its versatility, durability and beauty.  

Limited Resource

Maple hardwood flooring is quite popular with home design. Unfortunately, the supply may not be able to keep up with the demand in the next few decades. Maple trees don’t grow fast enough to replenish the forests that were cut down for timber. Maple wood flooring may be more coveted than other types due to its scarcity.

Popular Uses for Maple

Maple’s durability has made it the preferred option for flooring in busy areas that see a lot of traffic. Large buildings where people are often coming and going, such as schools, churches and performance halls have opted to use maple flooring because of how much it can withstand.

Style Benefits

This type of wood flooring isn’t just chosen for high-traffic public buildings. Homeowners also enjoy the look of maple floors. Depending on what part of the tree the wood planks have come from, maple flooring can range in shades of light brown to almost white. The grain for maple flooring is close and delicate, which helps add some sophistication to a room.

Practical Advantages

Contractors and homeowners also choose maple hardwood flooring due to its practical advantages for families and busy routines. Maple is naturally very hard and durable, which makes it an ideal flooring choice for people with pets, small children or a big family. Unlike other softer woods, maple is less likely to scratch or be banged up with marks and scuffs from daily traffic.

Maple floors can add something special to a space while also lasting a long time. The beauty of maple and the durability of this wood make it a perfect choice for a remodeling project in your home.