Can a Hardwood Floor Be Sanded?

One of the advantages of wood floors is how long they last. With proper care, hardwood can provide many decades of beauty for the home. In fact, some homeowners planning a remodel have lifted old carpets and discovered hardwood underneath. With some professional care, those old floors can look practically brand new again!

Of course, today’s busy lifestyle can make it difficult to give floors the maintenance they require. This can lead to scratches from furniture or other damage. When is sanding hardwood floors necessary?

The Benefits of Sanding Hardwood Floors

Minor wear and tear don’t usually require sanding, even after several years. Scheduling a professional cleaning and refinishing is generally sufficient. Sometimes, scratches are deeper or more noticeable. Older homes may have visible wear patterns on the floor, leading to discoloration of the wood.

Moisture damage can also cause boards to warp, possibly leading to uneven areas. Many of these issues can be resolved by sanding the hardwood. That said, you should always have a professional look at the floor before thinking about sanding. When damage is too extensive, or when mold is present, it may be a smarter decision to simply replace the older materials with new flooring.

Other Factors That Affect Sanding

One important consideration regarding sanding is the thickness of your floor. Some wood floors are thicker than others. It’s best for a floor to be over 3/4″ thick for sanding. Professionals can often work with floors thinner than that, but measuring carefully matters. Having sufficient surface material is necessary for your floor to look level when the job is finished.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional

Don’t make the mistake of trying to sand hardwood yourself. You invested a great amount in your floor, and sanding can completely ruin it if you don’t have the necessary experience. Professionals can take care of sanding hardwood floors carefully and precisely, applying beautiful stain and durable finish afterward so your renewed floor looks amazing.