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Tips for Refinishing Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors look great in nearly any home setting. That said, you’ve got to take steps to take proper care of your floors and get the most use and beauty out of them. To that end, do yourself a favor and learn a few tips on refinishing hardwood floors.

Clean Your Floors

The first thing you need to do for refinishing the hardwood floors in your home is clean your floors. A thorough sweeping better ensures you do not have small rocks or other debris remaining that can harm your floors when it’s time to sand them.

Remove Your Baseboards

After cleaning your floors, the next thing you want to do is have the baseboards removed. You may feel more comfortable having a professional do this if you aren’t confident that you can handle the task on your own. Removing baseboards is recommended while refinishing hardwood floors so you do not harm them during the sanding process.


Now you’re ready for the sanding step. If you’ve never sanded anything before, it’s best that you hire a professional. This is to minimize mistakes and maximize the final results. Sure, you can rent a sander, but do you know what kind is best? Do you know what type of sandpaper to use for your floors? These are questions a professional can quickly and easily answer without second-guessing.

Clean Up 

Cleaning up after the sanding is done is a task you can easily handle on your own. Just like you did with preparing your floors, sweep or vacuum all debris left behind from the sanding.


Inspect your floors with the flooring company to determine if you’re satisfied with the final results. Your floors should be smooth and dry after the sanding sessions. Be sure the technicians go over the floor with a damp cotton cloth to pick up any remaining grit. Afterward, your floor is ready for a glossy finish as the final step for refinishing hardwood floors.

Your floors are sure to look and feel brand-new after refinishing. Use these tips to your advantage.