Hardwood floors make for a great investment, no matter the overall style of your home’s interior. To make the most of this flooring, you must know a few things about bringing out the best of your hardwood floor installation. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Consider the Installation Site 

Rather than decide you want to put hardwood floors in your kitchen or living room, take this consideration a step further. Hardwood floors do not belong in every room of your house. For instance, you don’t want to put them down in your bathroom or laundry room, as the humidity in those rooms is sure to warp the hardwood. Thinking about putting hardwood over a concrete slab, in the basement, or over a radiant heating system? Opt for engineered hardwood rather than solid hardwood.

Know Your Installation Options 

You have a few options to choose from for your installation: glue, staples, or nails. The wood type determines the installation option. For instance, you can connect engineered hardwood planks rather than install them on the subfloor.

Have the Room Ready 

Wherever you decide to lay down hardwood floors, prepare the room for the installation team. Move all furniture out of the way, and you may have to get rid of the old flooring. Depending on how much work you want to do yourself before the professionals step in, take it easy when pulling away trim, wall base, and millwork, especially if you want to reuse any of it.

Let the New Floor Adjust 

After flooring installation, give the wood time to acclimate. This means allowing the floor to adjust to the room’s and your geographic location’s environment. Temperature and humidity impact how wood expands and contracts, which affects how the floor looks and feels.

No matter the room or type of wood you choose for your hardwood floor installation, leave the job to a professional company. You’ll be much happier with the results.