Refinishing Gives New Life to Old Hardwood Floors


From golden oak to rich mahogany, hardwood floors add warmth and beauty to any home. While a well-maintained wood floor can last 20 to 30 years before it absolutely needs refinishing, even the best-kept hardwoods inevitably lose their original sheen and develop scratches and scuffs. In addition to keeping your floors looking their best, sanding and refinishing every 5 to 10 years helps to keep your interior safer, cleaner and more inviting.


Minimizing Safety Hazards

Older wood floors that begin to lose their protective coating tend to develop splinters and cracks that can pose an injury risk to children, pets and other member of the family. Sanding when floors show signs of wear makes surfaces safer and can prevent further damage.


Making Floors Stronger

In addition to smoothing out dents and scratches, sanding can help to strengthen hardwood floors. The sanding process closes gaps that may have developed between planks, removes wood splits and tightens loose nails so that the whole floor is stronger and more secure.


Keeping the House Cleaner

Hardwoods that develop dents, grooves and gaps tend to collect dust and other debris quickly. They also provide inviting crevices for insect pests to take up residency and for mold and mildew to take hold. Newly refinished floors, on the other hand, present a smooth, even surface that’s easy to keep clean with just a broom and mop.


Increasing Your Home’s Value

Hardwood floors are an attractive selling point even if they aren’t pristine, but when they’re freshly sanded and refinished they make even a modest home stand out as something special. If you’re looking to sell, refreshing your floors is a relatively inexpensive way to attract eager buyers.


Contact a Local Contractor for Pricing and Design Ideas

Whether you’re buying, selling or just looking to beautify your interior spaces, refinishing hardwoods can deliver dramatic results. A local contractor should be able to give you a project quote and share ideas about custom stains, decorative border trims and other unique options to breathe new life into old floors.