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Install a Beautiful New Floor


If your carpet has been looking worn out and discolored, it’s time to update your home’s flooring. Before you consider more carpet, it might be the perfect opportunity to pursue a hardwood floor installation project. Not only will it be a beautiful addition to your home, it will increase the value of your home if you were ever to sell.

Selling Points

There are many reasons beyond the increased value for choosing wood flooring. For those with sensitive health issues, hardwood is easier to clean and does not harbor dust, allergens and other microorganism that can infect your eyes, nose and throat. It is also a very durable material. Carpet and linoleum can stain easily, and tile can be a safety hazard when wet. Hardwood stands up to all of these reasons and presents itself as a strong choice.

Installation Requirements

Before you get ready to commit to a hardwood floor installation, you will need to think through the costs, timeline and installation process. It is one of the most expensive flooring options, but it does provide the long-term durability and value increase. For a quality installation, you will want to have professionals do the work. It will be a more efficient choice, and they know the keys to installing the floor so that it is level and flexible.

Don’t Rush It

The wood flooring will need to be acclimated your home’s temperature before being installed. The wood will shrink and warp according to the level of humidity found in your home. By allowing the wood to rest before install, it keeps you from having a floor laid perfectly, only to reveal gaps as the wood acclimates. Installation also requires thinking ahead and planning out the boards before you work through the room.

It is these small details and tricks of the trade that urge you to hire a professional installer for your hardware floors. Because it is an expensive choice, you will want it done right the first time.