Hints for Hardwood Floor Owners


Although hardwood flooring can be a highly desired feature when buying or selling a home, many people do not consider how to care for the special wooden planks. Although hardwood can last for over 100 years, if not taken care of the wood can scratch, dent, and even become worn over time. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep the floors looking beautiful.


Water can seep into wooden floors. If enough water gets trapped in the wood fibers, the wood can begin to buckle and warp. Since there is no easy way to straighten wood planks, when a flooring board begins to warp, it generally needs replacement. For that reason, mopping with a large water-soaked sponge mop is not recommended. The polished wooden floor only needs a little water and a soft cloth to remove the dirt.


Using chemical cleaners can damage the polish or wax surface of your hardwood flooring. Try an ammonia-free cleaner designed for windows. The environmentally friendly cleaner will not harm the floor and can clean it beautifully. Simply spray the product on a microfiber mop and run it over the floor. The shine will probably surprise you.


The small grit and sand brought into your home and spread onto the floors by normal daily traffic can do extreme damage to the hardwood’s polish. Winter salt can also be extremely damaging to both the wood’s finish and the wood itself. Placing mats or rugs by doorways can help collect the grit and salt. Additionally, shaking the rugs frequently can help prevent the particles from scratching the wood.


When sitting on furniture, many people push back and drag the furniture legs against the floor. This movement can cause dents and scratches in the wood. Protect the floors by using felt pads to prevent wooden legs from pushing against wooden flooring.


Using these simple tips to protect your hardwood flooring can increase the likelihood the beautiful grains in the floor can still be seen many years from now. It only takes a few minutes each day to keep the wood shiny and blemish free.