Hardwood floor refinishing services can restore your dull, scratched or otherwise damaged floor. Hardwood flooring is a timeless option for your home, so restore your floor instead of replacing or covering it. Explore two common refinishing options and find out why it pays to hire a professional for a quality restoration.

Water-Based Finish

Water-based polyurethane is a common way to finish hardwood. This affordable finish is popular due to its low VOCs and low odor, making cleanup and drying a safer, more comfortable experience. You can still choose a wide range of tones, glosses and other options with water-based finishes. Compared to other options, you’ll experience less yellowing and enjoy a surprisingly smooth surface.

You may need to touch up water-based finish more often if you use it in a high-traffic area. Normal foot traffic by your family shouldn’t wear out your new finish, but busy areas with large family gatherings may be more suited to oil-based finishes.

Oil-Based Finish

A more durable option for hardwood floor refinishing is oil-based polyurethane. This option is excellent for high-traffic areas and requires fewer touch-ups throughout the years. Search for oil-based finishes in gloss or satin sheens for a bright, inviting floor. You’ll have to work around slower drying times and higher VOCs, but a professional finishing team can safely handle this part of the process.

While this finish works well in heavy traffic, it can yellow over time. Be sure to work with a professional installation team if you choose oil-based polyurethane due to the flammable nature and high VOCs of this material.

Work With a Professional Today

Hardwood floor refinishing requires specialized tools, equipment and handling of hazardous materials. Improper refinishing may not properly seal your hardwood and require you to sand your floor and start again. Don’t deal with the mess, stress and VOCs of refinishing options but enjoy a professional look to your floor with a contractor near you.