The Right Care Routine for Your Hardwood Floor

Having a hardwood floor installed is a great way to add beauty and value to your home. When well cared for, this type of flooring can also be incredibly durable and can last for decades. If you have any type of wood flooring added to your home, be sure to follow the right care routine so you can keep it looking its best while preventing unsightly damage.

Establish a Regular Maintenance Schedule

It’s important to keep a hardwood floor clean so that dirt and debris don’t create a buildup on the finished surface. Use a soft-bristled broom or gentle cloth duster to remove dust and dirt on a daily basis. Carefully wipe up spills right away. Then, talk with your floor installation expert about how and when to clean your floors for the best results. It can also be helpful to schedule regular professional cleanings and upkeep as well.

Avoid Unnecessary Damage to Your Hardwood Floor

When you do clean your floors, you’ll want to avoid products and practices that can damage the wood. Never saturate your floor, as this can cause the material to bow, bend, or warp. Your mop or cleaning cloth should be barely damp to the touch. Next, avoid normal household cleaners, which are not made for hardwood use. Products that contain bleach, ammonia, or other harsh chemicals can ruin your hardwood flooring.

You may be tempted to apply a polish or wax to keep your floors gleaming. However, certain woods and finishes may require a specific product and application. It’s best to have a professional perform this type of maintenance.

Schedule Repairs Promptly

If you notice scratches, stains, warping, or other issues with your hardwood floor, call right away to have it evaluated and repaired. These types of issues only get worse over time. However, addressing them promptly can help you avoid the excess cost and hassle of replacing the affected pieces.

Giving your hardwood floor the proper attention and care can help keep your home looking its best. Talk with a professional about the right practices for your specific flooring and stick to a good routine for the best results.