The Easy Steps to Refinishing Your Hardwood Floor

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Refinishing your floor can take years off your hardwood. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t have the time, patience or the skillset to refinish on their own. If you’re currently dealing with worn out and dull flooring, it may be time to seek help refinishing your floor. Here is what to expect when a professional sets out to refinish hardwood floors.

Sand the Floor

The first step a professional will take is to remove all the furniture and rugs from your room. He or she may check for any nails on the floor or carpet staples that could ruin the sandpaper sheet. A professional may use a traditional drum sander or orbital sander on your flooring. To achieve the best result, he or she will have different grits of sandpaper and will pull the sander in even strokes. If you don’t have your floor sanded ahead of time, the finished product won’t be what you expected.

Stain the Floor

Once the old finish is sanded down, he or she can begin the staining process. Your home should be well-ventilated for this process. Before you choose the stain color that you want, the professional may test different colors on one corner of the room to ensure that it dries how you want. A brush or rag can be used to apply the stain, depending on the amount of floor that you want to cover and how dark you want the stain.

Apply the Finish

The final step is to apply the finish. To refinish hardwood floors, professionals use a polyurethane finish. He or she will shake the mixture and then use a brush or roller to apply it. Once applied evenly, it takes about three hours for the finish to dry. Once dried, a second coating is added.

Refinishing your hardwood floors can add beauty to any room. For the best results, you should always ask a professional’s opinion on the best way to refinish your flooring.